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Start Planning Today for a Stress-free Holiday Season

While the holiday season brings joy and togetherness, it can also
bring stress for many individuals and families. Top holiday
stressors include staying on a budget, managing multiple
commitments and finding the perfect gift. Fortunately, by getting
organized and planning out what you can ahead of time, you can
help reduce your holiday stress.

 Write down any known commitments. Does your child’s
school have a holiday concert? Are you planning on hosting
a holiday dinner? Making a list of your commitments will
help you plan your time and help you avoid doublebooking

 Create your budget now. If you’re stressed about how
your holiday spending will impact you after the holidays
are over, you’re not alone. Remember, the sentiment of a
gift is much more important than the cost. Set a realistic
budget and do not go over it.

 Start shopping early. Do you already know what you want
to get some people on your list? Don’t be afraid to shop
early. Sometimes, you can get great deals on presents even
before the holiday season hits. Moreover, you can avoid
the scenario of not being able to get the gift you want
because it’s sold out.

Though these tips won’t prevent all of the holiday stress you may
experience, they can definitely can help reduce it. If you
experience high holiday stress, try these coping mechanisms to
get your stress under control.

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